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It Came From Hollywood [Book 1]

It Came From Hollywood

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What does it mean to "love cinema?" It is not just a love for a specific movie or even a particular genre but a general love for movies. In the pages of "It Came From Hollywood," there are no "guilty pleasures," no "so bad they're good" flicks, and certainly no "trash cinema" movies. Rest assured, when our writers write about a particular movie or group of movies, it is a subject they thoroughly enjoy. It also includes a love for a favorite theater or drive-in. It is the delicious anticipation of watching a new movie, the allure of possibly discovering your newest favorite movie. It is an appreciation for the time and place in which a film was viewed, as those details can be as important as the movie itself. It is compelling how the older you get, seeing a particular movie on TV can elicit such sweet memories of people and places long gone. The power movies have over us is to transport us back to specific times in our lives. Movies are maybe the closest thing to time travel we should ever play around with.

Inside ICFH Book 1: We look at what a movie theater looked like during the Summer of 1976 in Beyond the Screen. An in-depth look at the making of "52 Pick-up" (1986). Interviews with legendary Italian screenwriter Dardano ("Zombie," "The Beyond") Sacchetti and film distribution veteran Jeff Williams. The original ending of "The Beyond" is finally revealed! Tim Ferrante and Scott Voisin duel over several "Nights of the Living Dead" (1968 and 1990), George Seminara discusses "Cat People" (1942) and the mystery of girls. Made in Hollywood looks at Ray Dennis Steckler’s "The Lemon Grove Kids," VHS Spotlight beams on "Blood Beach," Hollywood Docs A.D. (After Distribution) examines Hollywood: A Celebration of the American Silent Film, Al Adamson: The Masterpiece Collection, Remembering Joe Kane, Cannon Films Trade Ad Avalanche, The 1980’s Loves Prostitutes: Wistful Thoughts on a More Innocent Time, Preposterous Pom-Pom Pussycats, and a full reproduction of the original "Frogs" pressbook. Book and movie reviews, and much more.

Contributing writers include Tim Ferrante, Robert Freese, Bill Frugge, Paul Mcvay, George Seminara, Scott Voisin and Paul Talbot!

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