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Bad Movie Police Double Feature: Zombie Cop & Maximum Impact

Bad Movie Police

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Bad Movie Police presents a double-dose of early ‘90s cult cinema from infamous director Lance Randas, available for the first time on DVD with newly-remastered picture & sound!

ZOMBIE COP (1991): During a routine drug bust, a cop named Gill meets up with a Haitian voodoo doctor named Doctor Death. They shoot each other as Death is chanting a voodoo ritual, cursing Gill’s existence for all time! Several nights later, Gill and Death both rise from their graves as members of the undead. Gill enlists the help of his human partner and together the duo track down the ghoulish Death, who is continuing his nefarious plans for world domination!

MAXIMUM IMPACT (1992): Jerry Handley is an average guy living the American dream. But while on business in the city, Jerry’s friend tries to set him up with a teenage prostitute held captive by a pimp’s gang of thugs. Instead, Jerry befriends the girl, stealing her away. The ruthless gang raids Jerry’s sleepy community in search of their property, killing Jerry’s fianceé in the process. The murder triggers Jerry’s deepest emotions, causing him to unlease his revenge upon the gang on their own terms!

2007 • Color • 122 mins. • Cult / Action • Not Rated • Region 0 • NTSC DVD-5 Format • Cat. No. BMP-108 • Distributed by Bad Movie Police • Street Date: May 22, 2007

  • Feature commentaries with the cast & crew


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