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Scared Topless

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Audio music CD featuring cult film director Fred Olen Ray, in his surf guitar debut album. Rocking instrumentals with dashes of Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, Leo Gorcey, and even Linnea Quigley! AIP meets Hemisphere meets The Ventures!


  1. Scared Topless
  2. Surf Monster
  3. Manilla Extract
  4. Wild Jungle Captive
  5. Tokyo Stomp
  6. This Just In
  7. War Of The Colossal Beat
  8. Deviled Bats
  9. Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow
  10. Indestructible
  11. Big Spooks A-Go-Go
  12. Leechin'
  13. Eye Izza Zombie
  14. Hooked On Chainsaws