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Dinosaur Island

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Ripped from the pages of Men's Magazines everywhere, here comes the exciting story of a plane-load of sex-starved Soldiers, stranded on a lost island inhabited by a tribe of gorgeous Cave Girls and man-eating dinosaurs! The deft handiwork of cult movie Icons, Fred Olen Ray (HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS) and Jim Wynorski (CHOPPING MALL), for the King of The B-Movies, Roger Corman, DINOSAUR ISLAND (1994) is the one movie experience every kid wished he'd been able to see back in the 1950s.

Starring Exploitation Movie Royalty, Michelle Bauer, Richard Gabai, Ross Hagen, Antonia Dorian, Griffin Drew, Toni Naples and Peter Spellos, this movie delivers everything it promises and more. Stop-Motion Monsters, Cat-Fighting Beauty Queens, and the smoldering Volcanic Hot Tub Crater of Love... it's all on display in breath-taking Color!

Restored here from the surviving tape elements after the loss of the original camera negatives, DINOSAUR ISLAND is available for the first time in its first officially licensed DVD release!


  • Original Trailer
  • Deleted Stop Motion Scenes
  • New Commentary Track with Fred Olen Ray, Jim Wynorski and Richard Gabai

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