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Kingdom of the Vampire (Double Feature)

Tempe DVD

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Jeff works the night shift, then comes home to his domineering mother, who has the grisly habit of slaughtering neighborhood children to satisfy her insatiable bloodlust. Jeff is reluctant to reveal his true identity until he meets Nina, a young woman with a strange attraction for the introvert. But Jeff’s not the only one with eyes for Nina… mother has other plans for her!

In 1991, producer/director J.R. Bookwalter (The Dead Next Door) took his first leap into non-traditional filmmaking with the video-lensed Kingdom of the Vampire, a moody drama inspired by the ‘60s soap opera Dark Shadows he grew up watching as a kid. The gloomy tale of a young man and his overbearing vampire mother was certainly far from a financial or critical smash, but it helped pave the way for more successful chapters in the director’s career such as Ozone (1994) and inspired a new generation of moviemakers to pick up camcorders and do it themselves. More than 15 years later, one of those moviemakers — Canadian actor/director Brett Kelly (My Dead Girlfriend) — brings a fresh take on Kingdom, improving on the original with an even more atmospheric and thrilling adaptation. Both versions are presented on DVD with commentary from their creators, complete with remastered picture & sound on the original version for the first time ever!

2007 / 1991 • Color / B&W • 151 mins. • Horror / Suspense • Not Rated • Region 0 • NTSC DVD-9 Format
Cat. No. TD-1125 • Distributed by Tempe DVD • Street Date: October 30, 2007

  • 2007 remake feature audio commentary with actor/director Brett Kelly
  • 1991 original feature audio commentary with producer/director J.R. Bookwalter
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