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Axegrinder 5: Blood Vengeance

Sterling Entertainment

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Freddy Palmer, played by MME fighter Sam Hoger, breaks out of his restraints inside the illegal laboratory where he is being experimented on, and kills his captors before returning to his woods. Cassie Johnson, played by Andrea Martina ("Westworld," "Things 4"), was blamed for Freddy's murders and has been in an institution for the criminally insane. She breaks out and hides with an all-female punk rock band.

Cassie convinces the band of her innocence and they join her quest back to the woods to stop Freddy from ever killing again. There they are joined by Belinda, whose twin sister was killed by Freddy a year ago.

Freddy goes on another killing spree, cutting up drifters and rangers until Cassie and her surviving friends attack him in a brutal final confrontation that is certain to see a great deal of blood and guts spilled. With great special effects by Doug Waugh.

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