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Children of Camp Blood

Sterling Entertainment

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There is only one Camp Blood! The clown is always at Camp Blood. Some survivors have gotten away but, you never escape Camp blood. In this new spin-off, CHILDREN OF CAMP BLOOD, teenagers gather at a remote retreat to work out their fears‘of the killer clown. When their fears become real, the clown is their only worry, and blood and guts are only the beginning of their nightmare!

Sterling Entertainment (Hell's Highway, Claw) and Mark Polonia (Feeders, Empire of the Apes) keep the Camp Blood series alive with the new cult classic, CHILDREN OF CAMP BLOOD!

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  • A comprehensive look at the Camp Blood box set
  • A comprehensive look at the The Occultist box set
  • A comprehensive look at the Axe Grinder box set

2020 • Color • 70 mins. • Horror • Not Rated • Region-Free
BD-25 (MOD) • $19.99 SRP • Released by Sterling Entertainment

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