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The Camp Blood Collection [Box Set]

Sterling Entertainment

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This Limited Edition box set includes CAMP BLOOD 1 & 2 (in 3D!), CAMP BLOOD 3, CAMP BLOOD 4, CAMP BLOOD 5, CAMP BLOOD 666, CAMP BLOOD 7: IT KILLS, CAMP BLOOD 8: REVELATIONS, CHILDREN OF CAMP BLOOD, CAMP BLOOD KILLS, and GHOST OF CAMP BLOOD on 10 separately packaged MOD Blu-ray discs autographed by producer David Sterling. Features heavy-duty, full-color packaging!


Camp Blood & Camp Blood 2 (Blu-Ray 3-D): Ten years after a series of brutal murders rocked peaceful Camp Blackwood, two young couples visit what the locals now call "Camp Blood." The murders are far from over. .. they have only just begun. In the terrifying sequel, a film director asks a survivor for help in making a movie about the horrific Camp Blood massacre. All hell breaks loose when The Clown returns!

Camp Blood 3: College students head deep onto the woods on assignment and one by one, a masked killer begins to murder them in gruesome fashion.

Camp Blood 4: Six college friends traveling to a rock concert stop off at Camp Black Tree for a night of partying. Their weekend of fun turns to utter terror as someone is slicing and dicing his way to the beautiful young Raven.

Camp Blood 5: Raven is plagued by nightmares and must return to Camp Blood with new friends to stop the killer once and for all.

Camp Blood 666: Betsy and her boyfriend search for her missing brother Ari, who ran away from home to join a Satanic Clown Cult and was last seen in the woods around Camp Blood.

Camp Blood 7 - It Kills: College kids have car trouble and get stranded at the infamous Camp Blood.
Taking refuge in the dilapidated cabins for the night, they are preyed upon and brutally slaughtered by the killer clown.

Camp Blood 8 - Revelations: A group of female volleyball players' vehicle breaks down in the woods, making them all potential victims of the killer clown.
Ghost of Camp Blood A down and out Paranormal talk show host and his faithful assistants attempt to contact the infamous clown killer, with deadly results!

Children of Camp Blood: Teenagers gather at a remote retreat to work out their fears of the killer clown. When their fears become real, the clown is their only worry, and blood and guts are on the beginning of their nightmare!

Camp Blood Kills: All the Kills! All the Clowns! All the Blood! The ultimate gross-out murders and lovely ladies compilation of the fear franchise. You can't hide from the clown!

Ghost of Camp Blood: Infamous Blackwood Forest is still haunted by the numerous deaths at the hands of a clown masked killer, but now it's haunted by something else!

Extras include high-definition transfers, trailers, director commentaries and more!

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