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Heads Up! (So You Can See The World) [Book]

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Written by Jason Paul Collum
Illustrated by Kathi Wilson

Sometimes the world can make you feel like you're not good enough. You might look down to avoid all the things that make you afraid. However, when you keep your focus down, you're missing all the great things the world can show you — including how great you are, so keep your head up!

Best known for his horror-based films ("October Moon"), documentaries ("Screaming in High Heels") and books (They Made How Many?! (Mostly) American Horror Franchises of the 20th Century), author Jason Paul Collum takes a genre turn with this story about self-esteem, basing it on his own childhood experiences. Since its release, however, Collum found his biggest response coming from adults who related it to their own youth! With original watercolor sketch art by Kathi Wilson, this is the surprise spirit-lifter with an emotional meaning for kids and adults alike.

30 Pages • Soft Cover Book • English • Princess Nee Nee Press, LLC

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