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It Came From Hollywood [Book 4]

It Came From Hollywood

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"It Came From Hollywood Book 4" delves into the origins of Kung Fu cinema with an in-depth interview with authors Grady Hendrix ("Paperbacks from Hell," "How to Sell a Haunted House") and Chris Poggiali ("Temple of Shlock")! We then turn our sights to Italy and Luigi Cozzi, who shares stories of everything from crafting cult sci-fi movies like "Star Crash" (1978) and "Alien Contamination" (1980) to working with Cannon Films’ Menahem Golan and Yorman Globus! Fashion model turned actress Mirella D’Angelo discusses her participation in such films as "Caligula" (1979), "Tenebre" (1982) and "Hercules" (1983), among other genre favorites! Filmmaker Brett Kelly gives us the scoop on his retro blast to the past, "Galaxy Warriors," a film that celebrates his love of all the films that followed in the success of "Star Wars" (1977)!

We also look at Hayao Miyazaki’s "Spirited Away" (2001), Ron Howard’s "Night Shift" (1982), "Cooley High" (1975), "Night of the Demon" (1957), "Dawson City: Frozen in Time" (2017), "The Amityville Horror" (1979) and its 2005 remake, Home Grown Horrors "Dead Girls" (1990), "Hanging Heart" (1989) and "Moonstalker" (1989), Nature Run Amuck flicks and more! Tape-heads will want to scoot over to VHS Spotlight for our look at Roger Corman’s 1989 "Hollywood Boulevard II" — still not on DVD! ICFH Book 4 also releases an epic New World Pictures Trade Ad Avalanche, and a re-print of the "Dawn of the Dead" pressbook. The cinematic celebration continues with reviews of movies, books, soundtracks, and special surprises that only "It Came From Hollywood" can provide!

Contributing writers include R.R. DeGreeff, Tim Ferrante, Robert Freese, Bill Frugge, Paul Mcvay, Jim Rex, George Seminara, JE Smith and Scott Voisin.

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