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Bloodletting (Special Edition)

Tempe DVD

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Serena Stalin wanted to learn from the best. So she tracked down Butch Harlow, one of the world's most notorious serial killers, and blackmailed him into teaching her the fine art of murder. Now, as the lessons begin, as the teacher and his bloodthirsty student leave a trail of horribly mutilated victims in their wake, they are about to uncover the horrible secrets that bind them together, the unspeakable passion that forces them to kill, over and over again...

1997 • Color • 89 mins. • Horror / Thriller • Not Rated • Region 0 • NTSC DVD-9 Format
Cat. No. TD-1108 • Distributed by Tempe Video • Street Date: Aug. 19, 2003

  • Digitally restored picture from original elements (1.33:1 aspect ratio)
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 surround remix
  • Commentary with writer/producer/director Matthew Jason Walsh and stars Ariauna Albright and James L. Edwards
  • "Building a Better BLOODLETTING" making-of featurette (35 mins.)
  • Deleted scenes (2 mins.)
  • DVD-ROM: MP3 soundtrack music by Christopher Kelly
  • DVD-ROM: PDF screenplay with deleted scenes
  • "I’ve Killed Before" – Rare original short version of the feature with optional commentary track by producer/cinematographer Ron Bonk (32 mins.)
  • Production Still Gallery
  • Review Gallery
  • Three variant versions of trailer
  • Tempe DVD trailers and coming attractions
  • Full-color insert with introduction by executive producer/editor J.R. Bookwalter
"What an original movie experience this was. This sick and twisted look at two very unstable individuals is masterfully done. The witty script, playful humor between the killers, and brilliant direction from Matthew Jason Walsh, make this film a creepy delight. Any Tempe fan should own this one, and if you haven't checked out Tempe films before, this one would be an excellent one to start with." - Den of Doom

"The shot-on-video horror market has spit out an astounding amount of worthless, unwatchable garbage over the years, so it's truly refreshing to see a flick like BLOODLETTING reaffirm that it is possible to make an entertaining, clever movie on a budget that would barely be able to buy a decent used car. BLOODLETTING has a twisted sense of humor that makes it extremely enjoyable, even in the most gruesome of situations. Ariauna Albright is wonderful in her role, bringing a bit of sympathy to her character even while she begins to grow into the blood-craving monster that brings about the ultimate tragedy for these two...parodies both modern relationships as well as serial killing, and it's more fun than most shot-on-video features have any right to be. Writer-director Matthew Jason Walsh gives BLOODLETTING a self-assured, confident style, and the camerawork and editing here are some of the most professional I've seen in movies like this..." - Flipside Movie Emporium

"Written by director Walsh and executive produced by b-movie maven J.R. Bookwalter, BLOODLETTING is one of the better shot-on-video productions which have flooded the scene over the last several years. The acting, though not perfect, is funny and effective, and the gore effects are what can be expected at this level of filmmaking but manage to work anyway...should be viewed by aspiring back yard filmmakers as a blue print on how to make a good indie flick." -

"If microbudget shot-on-vid horror is to remain viable, a lot of filmmakers would do well to study the ways in which BLOODLETTING compensates for its low production values with solid performances and tight scripting, neither of which costs a dime. The most common downfall of these backyard projects is that they simply haven't been sufficiently thought out in pre-production...too many aspiring auteurs these days seem to miss the point and embrace incompetence for its own sake. Happily, this isn't the case with BLOODLETTING, which works primarily because it's so much more tightly focused than most of its peers." - John W. Bowen, Rue Morgue

"The movie is well scripted and the performances are somewhat witty (disturbing considering the plot) and the effects are suitably gory. BLOODLETTING made me feel guilty for laughing at the funny parts (which is a compliment I suppose), of which there are a few!" - B-Side Hollywood Webzine
"Even though it's shot on video, BLOODLETTING is rather entertaining. Ariauna Albright is the best actor in the film, having landed small roles in several other film features. In the end, the film turns out to be more of a revenge flick than a slasher movie. One particularly violent scene seems to be directly inspired from LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. If you get a chance, give this one a try." - Eternal Frost Webzine

"This direct-to-video film is NATURAL BORN KILLERS done right. Young Ariauna Albright blackmails serial killer James L. Edwards into teaching her the art of murder and soon the two are on the road, killing as they go. Performances are well done, and there is a sense of style to this tale that could easily have become exploitable. Three stars!" - Video Movie Guide 1999

"While most of the major studios seem content to crank out low-IQ'ed horror sequels and similar pablum, it's good to know that the grass-roots direct-to-video scene is trying to keep the genre afloat. This amusing new effort comes courtesy of writer/director Matthew Jason Walsh and is highlighted by a smart script, a playful sense of humor and a solid rapport between the leads. It begins with psychopath Butch Harlow on the loose, slaughtering an entire family and painting their faces like circus clowns. But the story doesn't follow the path of the usual cinematic killathon. Instead, a young woman named Serene (played by co-executive producer Ariauna Albright) tracks Butch to his home, explains that she once witnessed one of his crimes--and that it turned her on--and now demands a course in Murder 101. From there, the film revels in its lovably immoral conceit, as Butch (James L. Edwards) matter-of-factly teaches Serena how to kill and not get caught. Then, to test out his theories, they slice up a drunken floozy and have sex as the corpse lies beside them in bed. Yes, it's Serial Killers in Love, but instead of dinner and a movie, this wacky pair enjoys, say, chopping the fingers off her abusive ex-boyfriend (Randy Rupp). In a refreshing turn, Butch is a bright, efficient murderer, and Edwards keeps him both edgy and believable. Although Serena is a more predictable foil, Albright throws herself into the role. Along their twisted trail, victims include Sasha Graham as a lesbian video store chick and Scooter McCrae (who's popping up so often that he's become the indie horror scene's answer to Dick Miller) playing a slow-witted stoner named Boog. Though the movie is unable to escape its cheesier moments, there are plenty of amusing twists and gruesome FX, while the editing of executive producer J.R. Bookwalter keeps it briskly paced. And how can anyone resist a movie that has a cute li'l baby accidentally shotgunned into bloody chunks? There's even a gratuitous cameo by Fango managing editor Michael Gingold, loitering around an early murder scene. (I wouldn't quit that day job quite yet, Mike...)" - FANGORIA #168, The Video Eye of Dr. Cyclops

"Hot mama Ariauna Albright and James L. Edwards reunite in BLOODLETTING, a stylish little modern horror's a good solid flick!" - Betty Paginated #17

"When [director Matthew Jason Walsh] decides to paint the walls red, he does it like nobody since Herschell Gordon Lewis in 2000 MANIACS. In fact, he has one particularly grisly murder that will have guys squirming like nothing I've seen since the bathtub scene in I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE. Obviously, my kinda movie...three stars...Joe Bob says check it out!" - Joe Bob's Drive-In Movie Review

"This movie was certainly interesting, the concept is kind of unique and the main actors give good performances...the thing that got me about BLOODLETTING was it's pretty sick...if you can get into the concept and deal with the sickness of some of it, this might be one to check out!" - Dr. Squid #5

"BLOODLETTING is the DUEL IN THE SUN of serial killer movies! It's a flip, hip send-up of blood-and-guts movies...the Amazing Exploding Baby sequences pushes the envelope of gore flicks to a daring new sickness!" - John Stanley, Creature Features Movie Guide

"Stands apart from the usual direct-to-video serial killer flicks." - FANGORIA

"The most twisted and perverted horror film of the year!" - Brain Damage, Producer, TRACES OF DEATH Series

"I laughed, I cried--now I want to kill! Henry could learn a thing or two from Butch and Serena!" - John Wheatman, House of Horrors

"Mickey and Mallory, move aside! Butch and Serena are the real NATURAL BORN KILLERS!" - Alternative Cinema