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The Sandman (Special Edition)

Tempe DVD

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Something is murdering the residents of a small-town trailer park — something big, with glowing red eyes! When an insomniac novelist catches a glimpse of something strange next door to him late one night, he becomes embroiled in a quest to find out why everyone around him seems to be dying in their sleep... From the director of THE DEAD NEXT DOOR, OZONE and WITCHOUSE 2 & 3!

1995 • Color / B&W • 90 mins. plus bonus features • Horror / Suspense • Not Rated • Region 0 • NTSC DVD-5 Replicated • Cat. No. TD-1122

  • Digitally restored picture (1.33:1 full-frame)
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 surround remix
  • Audio commentary with director J.R. Bookwalter & line producer James L. Edwards
  • “Making THE SANDMAN” featurette (10 mins.)
  • Deleted scenes (15 mins.)
  • “Plymouth” music video (3 mins.)
  • Promotional still gallery
  • Tempe DVD trailers
  • Includes a bonus hidden Easter egg!
  • Reversible sleeve with introduction by director J.R. Bookwalter
"J.R. Bookwalter's seventh feature film as director is still as adeptly directed and edited as his first...the localization of the action to a trailer park helps with the claustrophobic feel of the story...once again, Bookwalter and crew pull off a surprise ending. The climatic battle between Gary and the Sandman is pretty interesting..." - Brian Matherly, The Jacksonville Film Journal

"Independent horror film goes for atmosphere instead of gore and occasionally succeeds quite nicely. The setting is a trailer park, where the residents, particularly Richards, are haunted by a creature that invades their dreams and steals their souls. Three stars!" - Blockbuster Entertainment Guide to Movies & Videos 1999

"Demonstrates a commendable amount of imagination for a movie of its nature...[director Bookwalter] demonstrates a facility with camerawork and editing that gives the movie an air of professionalism lacking in many projects of its ilk...the tall, cloaked [Stan] Fitzgerald cuts an imposing figure as The Sandman. Evidently aiming to create an unpretentious, old-fashioned creature feature, Bookwalter has by and large succeeded!" - TV Guide Entertainment Network

"J.R. Bookwalter, best known for THE DEAD NEXT DOOR, goes from splatter movie to the's simply fun, cause Bookwalter has a lot of talent to improvise!" - Augustus Lenzl, Splatting Image #27

"For some fans this may be the proof that independent movies no longer need mucho gore or sex to sell well--this is an unusual, quiet suspense-thriller with a little touch of myth for all those who hate splatter!" - Ralf Maier, Doom #6

"Given the skimpy budget he had to work with, this independent video horror flick is a credible job, suggesting Bookwalter has a future in genre moviemaking. Bookwalter benefits from good special effects and colorful secondary characters. For monster buffs, for sure!" - John Stanley, Creature Features 1997

"...this one has it all; a creepy music score (again you can hear some John Carpenter inspiration), great ideas, good acting, tons of humour and last, but certainly not least, some really well done special effects!! In spite of the fact that the Sandman's setting is in a neighbourhood, it is not getting boring at all. See this flick and enter into the world of the Sandman... Yes, I now believe in the Sandman!! By the way: cool cover!!" - Trauma Online

"Again, [director J.R. Bookwalter] pulls off another spit-shined and polished movie! A lot of computer work, which usually ruins a movie [but] this is a prime example of computer effects making a film work...some really creepy dream scenes. The Sandman may look un-original but he is still very terrifying. You'll remember how it felt to be a child again, constantly checking in the closet and under the bed for those unknown things!" - Marcus Koch, Sub-Genre (July, 1996 - Issue #4)

"Best Outlaw Movie of the Year! Director J.R. Bookwalter brings the outlaw filmmaking movement a quantum leap forward and positions himself on the cusp of mainstream respectability...the clever dialogue, solid performances and slick editing that are the hallmarks of quality moviemaking...Bookwalter treats us to some exciting confrontations laced with effects that are nothing short of remarkable!" - John Thonen, Cinefantastique

"A blend of chilling horror and laugh-out-loud hilarity...creepy, cool stuff!" - Tom Brown, WHIZ-NBC Radio / Times-Recorder

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