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Framework of a Twisted Mind: The Christoph Younes Collection

Kevin Lockhart

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"No, you're not on acid, or at least I hope not. This is the nastiest,
most disturbing animation you'll see all year!" - Junkyard Demento

"One of the most monstrously disturbing film to have aired!" - Popcorn

"'Masked' should come with a trigger warning!" - Screen Fervor

"'One of Two Evils' is the most f*cked up stop-motion shorts I've ever seen!" - Bloody Disgusting

From the warped mind of writer/director/stop-motion animator extraordinaire Christoph Younes comes a DVD uniting his earliest creations with more recent nightmares. These films have been described as nasty, monstrously disturbing, uncomfortable and f#@ked up — not for the faint of heart! You will never look at stop-motion animation the same.

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