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Model Prisoners (Double Feature)

Retromedia Entertainment Group

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Undercovered Cops go deep inside the sordid world of the Women's Prison system, but are they behind bars to expose corruption... or cause it? Stay up late for a double dose of America's Most Wanted in this Double Feature of Maidens and Mayhem. BABY DOLLS BEHIND BARS (2012) leads Policewoman, Jazy Berlin, to infiltrate a rough and tumble jailhouse run by the hard-as-nails Warden, delightfully portrayed by fan-favorite, Christine Nguyen. Along the Jazy encounters a master jewel thief, Erika Jordan, saucy Security Guard, Jade Siarr and the stunning Jenna Presley. Then, hold on tight as ace reporter, Jacqui Holland busts up a major crime ring in BAD GIRLS BEHIND BARS (2016). Erika Jordan returns as a hot to-trot inmate along with the bounteous, Sarah Hunter and the wicked Warden, portrayed by Playboy TV's own Katie Morgan. It's a double feature that will leave you pleading the 5th!


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Color • 165 mins. • Not Rated • Region-Free • 1080p HD Widescreen (1.78:1) • BD-25 Replicated

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