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Evil Toons

Retromedia Entertainment Group

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WHO KILLED ROGER RABBIT meets THE EVIL DEAD as four sexy Sorority Girls agree to clean an old spooky house and accidentally release a cartoon monster from an ancient book of demons. After the blood thirsty creature possesses one of the girls it looks bleak for the rest of the busty gang until a ghostly presence (David Carradine) arrives to save the day in this comedy romp from Cult Movie director Fred Olen Ray. Also stars Arte Johnson (LAUGH-IN), Dick Miller (LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS), Monique Gabrielle (EMMANUELLE) and Scream Queen, Michelle Bauer (HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS).


  • Widescreen 2K HD transfer from the original 35mm Camera Negatives
  • New Director's Commentary Track
  • Nite Owl Theater
  • Animation Background Plates
  • Rotoscope Efx Test Shots
  • Editor's Workprint
  • Blooper Reel
  • Chuck Cirino's EVIL TOONS Suite