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SOV SIX-PACK: Kingdom of the Vampire (1991)

SOV SIX-PACK: Kingdom of the Vampire (1991)

One of six individually packaged discs in the SOV Six-Pack Signature Edition, a Makeflix-exclusive release available for preorder starting midnight EST on November 27, with discounted Black Friday weekend pricing while supplies last! Limited to 300 units, ships mid-December.

SOV SIX-PACK: Kingdom of the Vampire (1991)

PREORDER (starting midnight EST Friday 11/27)

Inspired by ‘60s soap opera “Dark Shadows” and George A. Romero’s underrated thriller “Martin,” producer/director J.R. Bookwalter (“The Dead Next Door”) ushered shot-on-video features into the mainstream with his 1991 horror-drama “Kingdom of the Vampire.” The gloomy tale was far from a financial or critical smash, but paved the way for a tsunami of weird, wild camcorder movies throughout the ‘90s, decades before Hollywood abandoned film for digital cinema.

Jeff works the night shift at a small town liquor store, his only escape from a terrible secret back home. His mother is a vampire who feeds on neighborhood children to quench a centuries-old bloodthirsty rage. When an attractive young woman named Nina takes an interest in Jeff, mother has other plans...

Painstakingly restored from original Super-VHS-C camera masters with a dynamic new 5.1 surround remix, shot-on-video pioneer “Kingdom of the Vampire” sinks its teeth into Blu-ray together with never-before-seen bonus materials from the Tempe vaults, three audio commentaries, and original 1991 home video presentation captured from the archival edit master.

Disc 1 (Blu-ray BD-25, MOD)

  • NEW! 2020 Restored Feature in 4:3 Original Aspect Ratio (1.33:1)
  • NEW! DTS HD-MA & Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Remixes
  • NEW! 2020 Audio Commentary with director J.R. Bookwalter and producer Scott P. Plummer, moderated by Ross Snyder of Saturn’s Core Audio & Video
  • 2007 Audio Commentary with producer/director J.R. Bookwalter
  • NEW! “Fangs for the Memories” featuring archival interviews with director/co-producer J.R. Bookwalter, writer/star Matthew Jason Walsh, co-producer Scott P. Plummer, crew members Susan Rothacker & Joe Contracier, and actors Barbara Katz-Norrod & Thomas Brown  (7 mins.)
  • NEW! Bloopers & Outtakes (25 mins.)
  • NEW! Deleted Scenes (7 mins.)
  • 1991 Original VHS Release Version (70 mins.)
  • NEW! 2020 Original VHS Version Audio Commentary with Doug Tilley and Moe Porne of The No-Budget Nightmares Podcast
  • 2007 Trailer (1 min.)
  • NEW! Vintage Promo Trailer (3 mins.)
  • Tempe Digital Trailers

Disc 2 (Compact Disc, MOD)

  • SOV SIX-PACK: Remastered Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Matthew Jason Walsh, also includes complete scores for “Zombie Cop” and “Bad Movie Police Case 1 & 2”


  • Reversible wrap with 2020 artwork by Alex Sarabia, Arturo Louga & Carlo Chablé with title treatment by Timothy Rooker and original 1991 Cinema Home Video VHS release artwork by David Lange & Bill Morrison
  • SOV SIX-PACK: 24-Page Booklet with Photos and Liner Notes by Ross Snyder of Saturn’s Core Audio & Video
  • SOV SIX-PACK: Reversible 10” x 13” Mini-Poster with “Zombie Cop”
  • SOV SIX-PACK: Collectible Gable Top Box, Limited to 300 Units

PREORDER (starting midnight EST Friday 11/27)

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