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Graveyard Shark

Mad Angel Films

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In the eerie depths of Willsboro Point lies a chilling legend that strikes fear into the hearts of its inhabitants - the terrifying Graveyard Shark. This ominous humanoid creature, born from the darkest depths of folklore, prowls the town's graveyard, its hunger for blood insatiable.

Enter Abby Wescott, a fearless cryptid hunter summoned by Dr. Jan Lovnik to unravel the mystery shrouding this urban myth. With each step deeper into the shadows, Abby unearths the chilling origins of the Graveyard Shark from the lips of Captain Issac Seyburn, a survivor of its wrathful rampage.

Joined by a courageous band of Graveyard Shark survivors, Abby and Seyburn embark on a perilous quest to confront the beast and end its reign of terror. But as they venture further into the graveyard's sinister embrace, they soon realize that the Graveyard Shark is far more cunning and malevolent than they ever dared to imagine.

As the night grows darker and the body count rises, Abby and her companions must muster every ounce of courage to outwit the relentless predator. In a heart-stopping battle against fear itself, they must confront their deepest nightmares and fight for survival against the deadliest foe they've ever faced: Graveyard Shark!


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2024 • Color • 90 Mins. • Horror/Sci-Fi • Not Rated • Region-Free • BD-25 (Manufactured On Demand)

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