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Killer Nerd Duology

Tempe Digital

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Following a chance encounter with MTV personality Toby Radloff, commercial video production partners Mark Steven Bosko and Wayne Alan Harold conceived “Killer Nerd” (1991) as a starring vehicle for the self-proclaimed “Genuine Nerd.” Shot on Super-VHS videotape, the story of a nerd out for revenge against those who have wronged him went on to become a surprise home video success. The trio soon reunited for “Bride of Killer Nerd” (1993), a clever sequel which adds an equally unstable female protagonist to the mix. A decade later, Radloff’s reputation as cult favorite would be cemented with “30 Rock” star Judah Friedlander’s portrayal of his real-life equivalent in the Academy Award-nominated 2003 comedy “American Splendor,” based on the life of comic book creator and longtime friend Harvey Pekar.

Harold Kunkle is a nerd. Abused by street punks and teased by his mommy, Harold can’t take it anymore. Witness a bizarre and horrifying ritual of revenge as he embarks on a gut-wrenching orgy of gore in home video cult classic “Killer Nerd”! One year later, still haunted by the past and ready to end his own life, Harold meets Thelma Crump, a frumpy female doppelganger equally tired of being harassed by kids at school. Following an ill-fated party invitation, Thelma and Harold enact nerd-style vengeance in the more accomplished sequel “Bride of Killer Nerd”!

Painstakingly restored from archival one-inch videotape masters with all-new cleanup and color grading, Tempe Digital debuts “Killer Nerd” and “Bride of Killer Nerd” on Blu-ray along with new and vintage behind the scenes bonus material.


  • 2022 Restored Features in 4:3 Original Aspect Ratio (1.33:1)
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Mixes
  • 2022 Audio Commentaries with star Toby Radloff and co-creator Wayne Alan Harold
  • 2022 Audio Commentaries with creators Mark Steven Bosko & Wayne Alan Harold moderated by Tempe chief J.R. Bookwalter
  • 2004 Audio Commentaries with star Toby Radloff and co-creator Wayne Alan Harold
  • 2022 Toby Radloff Introduction (6 mins., HD)
  • “Killer Nerd” Premiere Footage (3 mins.)
  • “Killer Nerd” Media Coverage (6 mins.)
  • Two Still Galleries (5 mins., HD)
  • 2022 Cinema Wasteland Screening Intro (10 mins., HD)
  • 2007 Cinema Wasteland Intro (17 mins.)
  • 2006 Cinema Wasteland Screening Intro (11 mins.)
  • 2004 Toby Radloff Frightvision Interview (4 mins.)
  • Toby Radloff MTV Segments (14 mins.)
  • 1989 Cable Access Show Pilot Footage (8 mins.)
  • Tempe Digital Trailers

1991 / 1993 • Color • 91 mins. / 71 mins. • Horror / Comedy • Not Rated
Region-Free • NTSC • Single-Layer BD-25 • Manufactured on Demand (MOD)

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