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Mulva: The Whole Shitty Affair

Phantom Pain Films

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It all started one Halloween night when zombies decided to get between candy addict Mulva and her chocolate. With the help of various weirdos, wackos, freaks, and the funky-walking dirty-talking Bonejack, they unite to save the day by helping kick some zombie backside!

Victory is sweet but short-lived though. The celebration comes to an abrupt end when Mulva comes to in the hospital. She soon realizes that 5 years ago she was shocked into a sugar coma and had her candy stolen by the notorious Teen Ape. There's no sugar coating what's to come as she rips through victims left and right until she can put the ape-man down for good!

From the twisted mind of wrier/director Chris Seaver, featuring outrageous performances from Debbie Rochon and Trent Haaga (Cheap Thrills, 68 Kill), and special appearances by Lloyd Kaufman, Doug Sakmann (Punk Rock Holocaust series), and The Naked Cowboy, watch the Mulva saga unfold like never before in this uncut edition of these underground splatter-filled action-comedies!

Running Time: 115 Minutes
Color • NTSC • Unrated