My Dead Girlfriend

Brett Kelly Entertainment

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When Steve accidentally kills Amy by backing over her with his car, he attempts to revive her using an ancient book of magic. Unfortunately, Amy returns from the dead as a flesh-eating zombie! It takes all of Steve’s energy to keep their neighbors and friends from discovering the truth, and carnage ensues as Amy makes a meal out of Steve’s best friends!

2006 • Color • 72 mins. • Horror / Comedy • Not Rated • Region 0 • NTSC DVD-5 Format
Cat. No. BKE-501 • Released by Brett Kelly Entertainment • Street Date: October 24th, 2006

  • Audio commentary with the cast & crew
  • Cast & crew interviews (10 mins.)
  • Deleted scenes (3 mins.)
  • Blooper reel (4 mins.)
  • “The Pretty Lie” short film (7 mins.)
  • Tempe DVD trailers