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Splatter University [Books]

It Came From Hollywood

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The Splatter University Yearbook
with Exclusive Gory "Kill-Cover" Variant Cover

Designed exclusively for Makeflix, this version of the Yearbook is not available anywhere else!

Who will graduate and what will be left of them? "Splatter University" was released in the final year of what horror fans fondly recall as the 'Golden Age of the Slasher Movie' (1978 to 1984). The Splatter University Yearbook delves into the making of the independent horror hit that has been shocking audiences for 40 years. Illustrated with archival materials courtesy of writer-director Richard W. Haines, and featuring an all-new interview with the filmmaker, Yearbook explores the film from its pre-production to release. Presented in blood-dripping color, The Splatter University Yearbook celebrates independent filmmaking at a time when twisted maniacs chased screaming coeds across mall cineplex, drive-in and grindhouse movie screens before showing up in video shops all over the world. Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of "Splatter University" with this unique look back at the gory glory days of slasher movies. (60 pages, 6" x 8")

Splatter University: The Novelization

The first semester for some… The last semester for others! This semester, someone is stalking the student body of St. Trinians College. After Janet Phillips is brutally murdered in her classroom, Julie Parker replaces her and becomes the new target for a psychotic maniac. The Class of ’84 is dropping fast. Who will graduate… and what will be left of them?

Adapted from the original screenplay by Richard W. Haines, this is "Splatter University" like you’ve never experienced it. Combining all the character scenes that solidified the film’s cult status, with additional scenes of outrageous bloody murder and mayhem, Splatter University: The Novelization strives to put the 'splat' in "Splatter University." Going beyond the boundaries of both the silver screen and good taste, Splatter University: The Novelization delivers the thrills Golden Age slasher fans are screaming for! Recommended for mature readers. (174 pages, 5" x 8")

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