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Cinemacabre: The Cult Classic Horror Collection

Sterling Entertainment

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Sterling Entertainment & Wildcat Entertainment present seven individually packaged cult SOV horror movies in a collectible box set, remastered and available on Blu-Ray for the first time!

Featuring Hot & Sexy Scream Queens:

  • Beverly Lynne (Queen of Late Night Cable)
  • Tanya Dempsey ("Witchouse 3: Demon Fire", "Deathbed")
  • Brittany James ("Maximum Velocity")
  • Phoebe Sinatra Dollar (Jeff Leroy Masterpiece "Hell's Highway")
  • Elina Madison ("Evil Bong 777", "Deadly Culture")

When a small coastal town is terrorized by a legion of fish-men that dwell in the underwater caves surrounding the area, a marine biologist must brave both the bloodthirsty creatures and the town council to stop the attacks.

A ghostly gas station attendant kills off a group of campers who realize he is the reason for the legend of campers routinely come into the woods to commit suicide.

Two teenage girls are desperate to get into the most popular sorority. The final pledge is to spend the night at an abandoned Halloween Spooky House. Unfortunately, what none of them know is that there is a psychotic killer squatting in the building.

After being visited by her dead grandmother from the spirit world, Autumn battles for control of the coven with an evil raven-haired witch who threatens to sacrifice her boyfriend.

All hell breaks loose when two guys on college break a deal with the devil and must survive attacks from a legion of supernatural creatures as they drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

After his sister goes out, a disturbed young man kills his mother before being sent to a mental institute. On the day he's scheduled to release him, Gilbert escapes and looks to finish what he started.

Dracula wishes to walk during the day, so a scientist sets out on a series of experiments, unfortunately ensnaring a group of hikers and the local sheriff.


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