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Something to Scream About

Tempe DVD

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Scream Queen Brinke Stevens (WITCHOUSE 3: DEMON FIRE) is your host for this engaging look at the careers of nine actresses, from their first break to their journey inside an industry where they are often viewed as little more than window dressing — or worse yet, with no dressing at all! The femmes bare their souls with a focus on the fans, aging, on-screen nudity and the advent of the digital video feature, all revealed with rare footage, photographs and extensive film clips! Spend an hour with the beautiful sirens of B-movie cinema who have screamed their way through the last several decades of your favorite horror and cult films!

  • Ariauna Albright - Bad Movie Police, Witchouse 2: Blood Coven, Bloodletting
  • Brandi Burkett - Slumber Party Massacre Part 3
  • Debra DeLiso - The Slumber Party Massacre
  • Denice Duff - Bloodstone: Subspecies II
  • Judith O'Dea - Night of the Living Dead
  • Debbie Rochon - Witchouse 3: Demon Fire, Dead & Rotting
  • Felissa Rose - Sleepaway Camp
  • Lilith Stabs - Bad Movie Police, Malefic
  • Brinke Stevens - Witchouse 3: Demon Fire, Hell Asylum
  • Julie Strain - Heavy Metal 2000
  • “Introducing...Lizzy Strain” segment (5 mins.)
  • JULIA WEPT short film, interviews & trailer (45 mins.)
  • Debbie Rochon 1986 student films (5 mins.)
2004 • Color • 65 mins. • Documentary / Cult • Unrated • Region 1 • NTSC DVD-5 Format
Cat. No. 1110 • Distributed by Tempe DVD • Street Date: March 16, 2004

"A thoughtful, respectful documentary focusing on the careers of nine actresses who got their start in horror movies. There’s a great deal of enthusiasm and honesty on display here — particularly from the intimidating Amazon and former Penthouse Pet Julie Strain...for fans of these actresses, there is very little here that will come as a surprise, but that in no way lessens the entertainment and educational value of the doc. It’s an excellent primer for those new to the horror genre and highly recommended." - Film Threat

"Here's a nifty surprise from Tempe Video...a funny, informative, and slickly professional piece of work! SOMETHING TO SCREAM ABOUT doesn't blow the lid off of the world of the B-movie actress, but it does offer a glimpse into an overlooked and essential element of the horror genre, and is well worth a peek." - Horrorview

"SOMETHING TO SCREAM ABOUT is a welcome treat that gives some real insight into what it’s really like to play the “scream queen”. What’s most surprising about this documentary — itself shot on a budget but nevertheless quite well presented for it — is the amount of real depth it manages to pack into 65 minutes. It’s amazing how many different topics and different perspectives on those topics that these ladies and the folks behind the camera have been able to pack into such a short amount of time." - Ziggy's Video Realm

"The viewer knows he or she is in for a treat before even opening the DVD cellophane...most importantly, this documentary attempts to answer the question, "What is a Scream Queen?" Having been a term of dual-layered meaning for the past several decades, is it a derogatory term? Is it politically correct? Does it matter? Not really. What matters is the tons of rare footage, a lot of which have been digitally remastered..." - Screaming Stoner Video

"If you are a fan of Tempe and other B-movie companies and you know these ladies' work, this is a must see." - Den of Doom

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