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Based on the classic tales by H.G. Wells (War of the Worlds, The Time Machine), and Rudyard Kipling (The Jungle Book, Gunga Din). Three blood-drenched tales of gasping horror from the past. Resurrected and revamped for today's jaded viewer!

CRYSTAL GAZING (Based on The Crystal Egg by H.G. Wells) – Antiques store owner Winston Kale (GREG CANNONE, Urban Combat, Hollywood Mortuary) gets more than he bargained for when he receives a shipment of antiques from the estate of a late Satanist. For included is a large crystal, inside of which Winston can see the landscape of a distant planet. His fascination with it becomes an obsession as his marriage starts to suffer. But things get really rough when the inhabitants of the distant planet show up – with a healthy appetite.

COLD FEET (Based on The Transformation by Mary W. Shelley) – Eric (MICHAEL LABARBERA, Riddled With Bullets) should the happiest man on Earth, engaged to a beautiful woman (MICHELLE GALLES) with his whole future before him. But he can't stop thinking about the leather-clad, whip wielding woman (VERONICA CAROTHERS, Midnight Healing) in an old French postcard he bought from Kale's antiques store. What's worse, he is visited by a mysterious cat-like creature which pursues him, nearly causing his own death. What do the postcard and the creature have in common? Eric will find out, but not until he faces a walking nightmare of death and horror which may well be – Himself!

BESTIALITY (Based on The Mark of the Beast by Rudyard Kipling) - When gangster Harry Green (FILM STAR RANDAL MALONE, George's Auto and MTV's Singled Out) steals a ring from a mysterious tribal shaman (CRAIG JOHNSON, Bard in the Yards) the curse of the werewolf is on his head. That's bad enough, but when he kills mob boss Sergio DiCaprio (LEE BOEK, Alien Force, The Triggerman) the gore really hits the fan! Harry's two thugs (LARRY RICHARDS, Riddled with Bullets and RON FORD, writer of The Fear) desperately torture the shaman to get him to cure their boss, but the cure may well be worse than the disease.


  • A comprehensive look at the Camp Blood box set
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1998 • Color • 80 mins. • Horror • Not Rated • Region-Free
BD-25 (MOD) • $19.99 SRP • Released by Sterling Entertainment

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