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Deadlands: The Rising

Splatter Rampage

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Unexplained explosions rock several major U.S. cities. As the night unfolds, more mysterious events are yet to come. In Baltimore, five strangers take a stand as the world is rapidly consumed by the living dead! A man stuck in a traffic jam narrowly escapes to warn others of what’s heading their way… best friends fight to return home and find the fate of their families… a mother and son desperately seek to escape the horrors gathering outside. While each human stands to fight and survive, the army of the dead continues to grow…

  • Audio commentary by director Gary Ugarek
  • Audio commentary by the cast & crew
  • Interview with director Gary Ugarek (27 mins.)
  • Interview with producer Brian Wright (6 mins.)
  • Teaser trailer (2 mins.)
  • “I Am Zombie Man” short film with introduction by filmmaker Nick Thomson (10 mins.)
  • Splatter Rampage DVD trailers
2006 • Color • 63 mins. plus bonus features • Horror / Cult • Not Rated • Region 0
16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen (2.35:1 aspect ratio) • NTSC DVD-5 Format
Cat. No. SR-831 • Distributed by Splatter Rampage • Street Date: April 17, 2007

“Effectively eerie, the music is enjoyably metallic and the makeup and gore effects are pretty convincing. Also, the editing is sharp and even the acting is acceptable. There’s no question that a lot of hard work went into [this]...” - MTV’s HeadBangers Ball

“Highly recommended for not only fans of zombie and horror flicks, but it's something I think a lot of independent filmmakers could benefit from watching.” - Bloodtype Online

“Impressive showing for the first time director/writer/actor/editor. It feels very realistic throughout and puts us right in the middle of the 'what if' scenario of a zombie attack. My favorite thing about this film, though, is how real it feels.” - Fatally-Yours

“A decent entry in the zombie subgenre, using some tried and true story constructs, with some new window dressing.” - Dread Central

“All in all, I enjoyed it and I give Gary large amounts of credit on his first feature. Well done, and I look forward to the next!” - Dead-Central

“All in all this is definitely a kick ass zombie film.” - Horror-Movies

“Clearly strives to be the little zombie movie that could...DEADLANDS finds a measure of success” -

“Evokes a great, spooky atmosphere, is actually quite believably acted by the leads, and even manages to make the wholly unbelievable zombie uprising scenario seem a little more plausible than usual. “ - Last Site on the Left

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