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It Came From Hollywood [Book 3]

It Came From Hollywood

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"It Came From Hollywood Book 3" has something for every type of film fan and movie buff! Informative interviews with actress-turned-author Deborah Goodrich Royce, "Bull Durham," "Batman" (1989) actor Robert Wuhl, "Dark Night of the Scarecrow" filmmaker J.D Feigelson, and "House by the Cemetery" actress Silvia Collatina. Also featured in this edition is a rare interview with Al Adamson conducted in 1989 and some equally outstanding photographs of Al circa 1987. (Some of the pictures appear here in print for the first time anywhere! The discussion, as well as the images, have not been seen by the public in decades.) We've got something for the 80’s cinephile as well. Year of the Howl 1981 covers the wave of werewolf pics that washed over the masses that year ("The Howling," "An American Werewolf in London," "Wolfen" and "Full Moon High"), Blast-O-Rama takes an explosive look at the action flicks of 1981 and how they would shape the cinematic action landscape for the balance of the decade and beyond! We also pay our respects to the insane cult gem "Piranha II: The Spawning," and fear not tape-heads, our VHS spotlight covers "The Intruder Within"!

Classic film freaks can delight in articles on "Easy Living" (1937), "Dr. X" (1932), and "Mad Love" (1935), and movie novelization bookworms will be delighted as we take a deep dive into Mike McQuay's classic film novelization for John Carpenter's "Escape From New York." Paul examines a cult favorite in his Reliving Those Hollywood Knights. Paul also looks at Quentin Tarantino’s novelization for "Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood," Fred Olen Ray looks at Sam Sherman’s book, "When Dracula Met Frankenstein," Empire Pictures Trade Ad Avalanche, "Val" (2021), "The Fabulous Allan Carr" (2017), "Neighbors" (1981), "Outland" (1981), Frankie & Annette: MGM Movie Legends, "The Day After," Bill Van Ryn’s Movie Ads A Go-Go: Beach Party party and a reprint of AIP’s Beach Party Combo Shows- the final gasp of the beach party films. The cinematic celebration continues with reviews of movies, books, soundtracks, and special surprises that only It Came From Hollywood can provide!

Contributing writers include Tim Ferrante, J.A. Frasier, Robert Freese, Kris Gilpin, Paull Mcvay, Jaime Pina, Fred Olen Ray, Jim Rex, Bill Van Ryn, George Seminara, JE Smith and Scott Voisin.

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