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Polymorph (Special Edition)

Tempe DVD

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Called deep into the forest to help search for a fallen meteorite, a group of interns instead discover an isolated cabin with a dead body inside — and a lethal gang of drug-runners there to protect their investment.  But the dead body has risen again, and it holds a dark secret that will soon reveal itself...

Little do they know, the meteorite has brought with it an organism that can emulate anything it comes into contact with. Soon, their transportation is cut off...nobody knows exactly who’s who...and no one is quite sure how to kill something that they can’t even find!

1996 • Color • 86 mins. • Sci-Fi / Action • Not Rated • Region 0 • NTSC DVD-9 Format
Cat. No. 1118 • Distributed by Tempe DVD • Street Date: Feb. 22, 2005

  • Digitally remastered picture from the original elements (1.33:1 full-frame)
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 surround remix
  • Audio commentary with director J.R. Bookwalter and stars James L. Edwards, Tom Hoover & Joseph A. Daw
  • Audio commentary with star Ariauna Albright moderated by producer/director J.R. Bookwalter
  • “The Making of POLYMORPH.... Or, All The Believability Of A Mentos Commercial” featurette (30 mins.)
  • On-set footage (12 mins.)
  • Bloopers & outtakes (10 mins.)
  • Auditions (11 mins.)
  • Production & promotional still galleries
  • 2005 & 1996 release trailers
  • DVD-ROM: MP3 soundtrack music & PDF screenplay
  • Tempe DVD trailers
  • Color insert with introduction by producer/director J.R. Bookwalter
"Watching POLYMORPH this past week, I realized that Bookwalter is a sincerely talented filmmaker. And not just in a B-movie kinda way, either. He's got a way of making B-movie concepts play very mainstream. The visuals are rich and colorful—the scenes in the woods are filled with lush green, and it adds to the comic-book fun of the proceedings. While none of the actors will be winning Oscars anytime soon, the cast is wonderfully likable, and the characters are quirky and interesting. The body count is pretty high, too, but Bookwalter wisely strays away from using buckets of gore. And there's a last-minute shock that'll make your jaw drop. A highly entertaining sci-fi actioner that's worth seeking out. Besides, you wouldn't want to miss the kick-ass catfight between Ariauna Albright and Jennifer Huss, now would you?" - Michael B. Scrutchin, Flipside Movie Emporium

"A very different movie from OZONE, in fact if I didn't know otherwise I wouldn't have guessed both films were from the same director. This statement alone says something about Bookwalter's talents. The film has a good premise and once again the effects are top-notch! The characters in POLYMORPH are well defined and fairly well acted. The characters and the conflict between the interns and the drug dealers could have made for a good movie alone and it is for this reason that the alien plot seemed a bit tacked on. It almost seems like POLYMORPH is a movie with a split personality -- a character-driven comedy/drama and a sci-fi special effects movie. The two elements don't always mix but overall POLYMORPH makes for an enjoyable film and a definite development for J.R. Bookwalter. " - B-Side Hollywood Webzine

"Standardized but sharply done low-budget movie pitting grad students and drug dealers against a possessive creature in the woods. Fun directorial flourishes and overall energy overcome the basic familiarity of the story and situations. Three and a half stars!" - Blockbuster Entertainment Guide to Movies & Videos 1999

"Exciting action-based sci-fi film that has a meteor crashing on Earth and bringing with it an organism that can emulate its victims. Into the woods comes a group of people who run into a drug runner infected with the organism. What follows is a clever tale of paranoia that has everyone questioning who is still himself. Three and a half stars!"- Video Movie Guide 1999

"J.R. Bookwalter has finally achieved his life-long aim with POLYMORPH — a low-budget film with a high-budget look. The film has enough twists and turns to keep viewers on their toes -- plus a general glossy feel that makes it a highly rewarding viewing experience. Acting kudos go to Tom Hoover (previously seen outshining the other actors in J.R.'s OZONE) and the damned cute and feisty Ariauna Albright. This is a great little flick. Plenty of action, a bit of gore, some brutal shocks and a genuine shock ending!" - Betty Paginated #17

"A snappy science-fiction thriller that represents regional genre filmmaker J.R. Bookwalter's best work to of the best of the new breed of shot-on-video genre movies. [Bookwalter] maximizes his low budget by keeping the locations simple and the cast small, compensating with a fast pace, creative camerawork and some striking low-budget opticals. POLYMORPH puts many higher-budgeted projects to shame for pure entertainment value!" - TV Guide Entertainment Network

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