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The Mark Baranowski American Giallo Collection [Box Set]

Sterling Entertainment

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Sterling Entertainment presents an all-new collector's box set featuring the shot-on-video American giallo work of director Mark Baranowksi and star Ryli Morgan, the B-movie queen Joe Bob Briggs cited as his "favorite of all time"!


Sin By Murder (2004)
Starring Ryli Morgan, Rachelle Williams
On the night of their tenth anniversary, corporate lawyer Michael Barnes' wife is brutally murdered. Labeled the prime suspect, Barnes must try to clear his name before it's too late. (88 mins.)

The Powerful Play (2004)
Starring Ryli Morgan, Brinke Stevens
A collection of seven music videos for the jazzy-funky instrumentals off Mark Baranowski's 2002 CD "The Flesh & Blood Show" (performed under his MARQUIS pseudonym) plus short film "Living and Re-living The Powerful Play" with in-depth interview, home video segments, and behind-the-scenes footage. (88 mins.)

Ill Times (2009)
Starring Ernest Broome, Denzell "Babyblue" Tillmon, Ryli Morgan
A small slice of city life, and an unfortunate reflection of our own society where priorities are out of order... where morals are non-existent. where deceit and violence is second nature... where faith has been forgotten.. where the only hope is a parent's love. (69 mins.)

Mister Dissolute (2009)
Starring Ashlie Rhey, Teri Weigel, Ryli Morgan
Detectives Ron Fugate and Morris Brinson are on duty to serve and protect... themselves! When a criminal they put behind bars puts a hit out on them, their partnership begins to crumble as their loved ones get caught in the crossfire. (78 mins.)

The Ryli Morgan Collection (2010)
Starring Ryli Morgan, Brinke Stevens
Ryli Morgan's first four short films, now re-edited and re-scored on one DVD! Includes "Despair" (2001, 25 mins.), "Ryli Morgan: Audition" (2001, 8 mins.), "Runaway Terror" (2002, 60 mins.), and "Expendable" (2003, 49 mins.).

Hardly Beloved (2011)
Starring Teri Weigel, Ryli Morgan
Frustrated by his promiscuous wife and haunted by memories of an abusive stepfather, Chad's self-esteem is at an all-time low. To leave the past behind, he'll need to face certain challenges and confrontations head on... ready or not! (82 mins.)

Heaven Help Me, I'm In Love (2018)
Starring Ryli Morgan, Brinke Stevens, Lynn Lowry
When Butch foolishly attempts to deceive lover Angie, she decides to call it quits. A devious ex-girlfriend, a pushy drug dealer, a blind date gone awry and a nagging mother turns Butch's weekend from bad to downright pathetic. (98 mins.)


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These movies are only available in this DVD collection and not available individually — exclusively from Makeflix!

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