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The Wasp Woman & Beast From Haunted Cave (Double Feature)

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In the late 1950s Roger Corman's fledgling distribution company, The Filmgroup, unleashed a handful of their own homegrown double-features to the hungry drive-in theater market. One co-bill top-lined THE WASP WOMAN, surely one of Corman's most endearing no-budget efforts. Its companion feature, BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE, was the product of a two-feature snowbound shoot that also included SKI TROOP ATTACK.

Here, for the first time, in BEAST's exclusive Commentary Track, star Michael Forest reveals the innermost secrets of the Haunted Cave.


  • 2K HD film transfer of the Original Theatrical Versions. 16x9 Wide Screen
  • HAUNTED CAVE Commentary Track by star Michael Forest
  • WASP WOMAN Commentary Track by filmmakers Fred Olen Ray and David DeCoteau
  • Original Trailers, plus additional TV scenes added later for Allied Artists